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PUK Electrodes 0.5 mm INOSTAR



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Product Description

10 special electrodes (wolfram) 0.5 x 50mm INOSTAR incl. 1 diamond grinding wheel (without thorium oxide)

  • This electrode is alloyed with rare earths (mixed oxides) and stands out due to the exceptional strike characteristics, high current carrying capacity and lengthy service life.
  • The electrode tip retains its shape for longer with the even higher current carrying capacity,because the melting loss is lower.
    The result of this is an even cleaner weld seam.
  • The likewise thorium-free, non-radioactive electrodes can be used across the entire power range with the welding of unalloyed and high-alloyed steels, as well as aluminium, titanium, nickel, copper, tin and precious metal alloys.
  • They are therefore ideally suited for the requirements of PUK welding.

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