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PUK5 with SMG5



Product Description

  • The microscope with hydraulic pivoting arm optimizes your workflow.
    Greater flexibility at the workbench. Generates more space for welding larger objects.  Better use of space in the smaller workshop.
  • The microscope head and handpiece holder are in the perfect welding position. The pivoting arm can be stably adjusted in every situation. This, in combination with the wide reach of the arm, allows precise work to be carried out.
  • When not in use, the welding microscope can simply be pivoted out of the way and only requires a few centimetres of space on the edge of the workbench.

NEW:  The patent-pending system for welding process monitoring
· New software for contact monitoring of the hand piece
· Prevention of welding errors through interruption of weld if excessive pressure is applied to the electrode
· Increase in service life of electrode tip
· Prevention of tungsten inclusions on sensitive surfaces or on workpieces and materials that still require further processing
· Improvement in the overall weld quality through more uniform processing
· Error prevention in the handling: Increase in process reliability and more consistent quality for larger quantities
· Learning function: More rapid and simpler learning of correct welding procedure, especially for beginners

NEW:  Faster progress to better results – “blind operation” with single-handed operation. Concentration remains focused on the workpiece.

NEW: Even higher-performance LED lighting in our newpremium welding microscopes. More uniform illumination of the working area – more flexible use of the microscope. These microscopes can also be used as fully equipped workplace microscopes – not just for welding.

NEW: Setting of parameters for “Power”, “Time” and menu navigation with one single rotary controller.

 NEW:  Smoothing function in response to rising temperatures on the welding area to further improve the flow properties of certain metals (e.g. of highly conductive metals such as silver)

NEW: Individual device set-up using the settings menu, e.g. preselection of welding cycle, calling operating levels up on screen and hiding them again, e.g. program memory, expert level, tack welding …

NEW: Extremely simple touchscreen operation. Now with slide function!

NEW: Preselection of two different welding cycles

  • PUK 5 Control Unit
  • Precision Handpiece
  • Set of electrodes with diamond grind wheel
  • (2) Alligator clips
  • Cleaning brush
  • 3m gas hose for regulator
  • Argon flow regulator




Working Radius
550 mm
330 mm
5.1 kg

Additional Information

Weight 42 lbs



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