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Arbe® 25 Amp Rectifier Plating Machine for Electro-Plating & Electro-Cleaning



Product Description

With it’s upgraded componentry, extra features, and low price, this plating rectifier is an outstanding value. Full wave bridge rectification along with solid state filtration circuitry eliminate voltage fluctuation, providing a clean DC current output. The extra heavy duty, military grade transformer provides 0-25 amps output (continuous duty), 30 amps maximum. Oversized heat sinks and an internal fan create a cool internal ambient temperature. Compact design conserves bench space.


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– Output Current 99% Filtered DC Curent
– High Quality Insulated Leads
– 0-13v Adjustable Output
– 0-25 Amp Continues Output
– 115V, 60Hz 
– DC ammeter and voltmeter
– Pilot light
– Steel cabinet
– Dimensions: 9 1/2″W x 7 3/4″D x 6″H

Additional Information

Weight 27 lbs


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