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Product Description

Probably the most efficient tool for inserting, removing and reinserting watch band pins of all watch types; especially from high end watches like Omega, Movado, Tags, and Rolex. It takes all the guess work out adjusting watch bands. It is effortless, removing the need to pound on a band with a hammer, and risk damaging bands or watch cases. These pin pusher pliers are very professional and durable. You will be able to impress your customers with the efficiency and speed of your repair work. Allows you to easily remove and set watch band pins, and soon you will find that this is only tool that you want to use to remove and insert pins. With very little effort on your part, the pin pusher pliers applies enormous pressure precisely on the band to effortlessly remove even the most difficult pins. The pin pusher pliers is probably one of the best investments you can make for your workbench and at a fair price considering the unmatched quality. Also includes 4 spacers/shims that can be used in multiple combinations to secure a wide variety of watch band widths. Replacement Pins available in sizes 0.85 mm and .75 mm.

Set includes:

  • Insertion Plunger
  • Works on practically any metal watch band up to 24.5mm wide
  • Has a plastic support system that protects the watch band, preventing scratching and marring
  • Pliers for inserting and removing Pins
  • 4 Spacers to insure secure band fitment (Blue) – Sizes: 4 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm
  • Includes pin sizes 0.85 mm and 0.75 mm
  • Plunger sizes of 0.85 mm and 0.75 mm
  • Size 7.7″ X 4.2″ X 1″ Inches (195 X 106 X 26mm)
  • Swiss Made

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