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BurLife® Bench-Mount Lubricant


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Product Description

Smooth cutting depends on an effective lubricant. Often imitated, never equaled BurLife® stays in position and is drawn into the area of contact between the tool and workpiece like a coating of microscopic ball bearings on the surface. Keeps cutting tools such as saw blades, files, burs sharp for smoother cuts, less friction and a longer working life!
Keep BurLife readily available at your bench. Just attach the base conveniently to the top or side your bench, then clip a BurLife bench cartridge in place. Includes four cartridges (3.3 oz. total); refills cartridges are available.
• Leaves no residue when heated
• Contains no animal products
• Non-toxic
• Non-staining
• Washes off easily
• Odorless

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