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Delft Clay Casting Kit

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Product Description

The Delft Clay Method is a highly refined form of sand casting that substitutes genuine Delft Clay from Holland for ordinary casting sand. The process was invented by Hans Karreman, a Dutch goldsmith. Delft Clay is much finer than casting sand, providing remarkably sharp and highly detailed castings in gold, silver, copper-based alloys, pewter, etc. Castings require very little finishing work. Once you have cast your piece, the Delft Clay can be re-used. Since this is a cold-molding process, molds can be made from patterns composed of wood, wax, epoxy, plastics, and, of course, metal. Because this is a type of sand casting, it is best suited to producing castings without pronounced undercuts.

A Delft Clay mold is created in these steps:

  • Fill and compact the Clay into one half of the aluminum ring frame
  • Remove excess clay with a straight edge (e.g. a flexible steel ruler)
  • Press your original pattern halfway into the clay.
  • Brush talcum powder over this surface of the mold.
  • Install the other half of the aluminum ring frame, fill with clay and compact
  • Open the ring frame and remove the pattern
  • Carve out a pouring channel and vents
  • Pour in molten metal




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