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GraverHone VS Complete Dual Angle Sharpening System, 110 V



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Product Description


Rough, sharpen, and polish high-speed steel or carbide gravers faster with the GraverHone VS. This variable speed hone features high torque with an American-made motor promoting the highest quality and longevity. Each spindle and drive plate are individually qualified parallel to the top surface of each GraverHone. This extra step during manufacturing ensures that each unit is in proper alignment for the most repeatable grinds every time. The Dual Angle Sharpening Fixture, included in this package, is the most well-rounded fixture on the market for achieving any graver geometry desired. Pairing the GraverHone VS with an industry standard sharpening fixture is a perfect combination.

GraverHone VS features:
• Variable speed (400-900 RPM)
• Dual direction
• Quality American-made motor and components
• Direct drive system
• Top surface qualified parallel to the spindle and drive plate
• Time-saving quick lock for diamond wheels (no threads)
• Design styling to match the GRS Air Systems

Package Includes:
• GraverHone VS
• 260, 600, 1200 grit diamond wheels
• Diamond wheel rack
• Dual Angle Fixture w/ Premium Sharpening Post

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