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GRS Apex Complete Sharpening System



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Product Description

The Apex Sharpening System is the perfect fixture for anyone from the novice learning to sharpen their first graver to the veteran seeking efficient repeatability. The Apex is an innovative 4-in-1 update to the classic Dual Angle fixture.

The new shorter fixture nose and longer fixture post easily accommodate longer gravers. Locking knobs have been updated with a quality knurled steel. A quarter-turn locking system works exclusively with GRS QC tool holders to promote ultimate efficiency for loading and locking tools. The post dial has been simplified to promote finding the correct angle setting quickly.

Most notably, the fixture now features the ability to switch Apex dials in seconds without tools or screws to turn. Simply press the dial of your choice onto the fixture and go. Each Speedline dial is clearly marked for simple step-by-step sharpening. The numbers and text on the dials provide a built-in guide on which part of the graver is being sharpened and the settings to do so.

For a beginner, this will teach the identical movements and terminology required to make custom gravers with the Dual Angle dial. For an advanced artist, it will create efficient repeatability for faster sharpening. A simple switch to the Dual Angle dial and you can make any graver geometry desired.

• Color coded dials with storage rack
• Speedline dials marked for easy step-by-step sharpening
• Dual Angle dial for unlimited graver geometries
• New longer post with increased magnetism
• Updated compact profile
• Steel locking screws
• Works exclusively with GRS QC Tool Holders
• ¼ turn graver lock
• Simplified post dial

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