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GRS Apex Rack & Speedline Dials



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Product Description

Add Speedline Dials to the Apex Dual Angle Fixture for quicker sharpening of the three most popular graver angles. Each Speedline Dial is clearly marked for simple step-by-step sharpening. The numbers and text on the dials provide a built-in guide on which part of the graver is being sharpened and the settings to do so. For a beginner, this will teach the identical movements and terminology required to make custom gravers with their Dual Angle dial. For an advanced artist, it will create efficient repeatability for faster sharpening. Includes: 90° dial, 105° dial, 120° dial, and storage rack.

• Sharpen faster with step-by-step marked angles
• Creates efficient repeatability
• Easy for beginners, fast for advanced users

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