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GRS Graver and Handle Kit — C-Max Burin



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Product Description


This GRS Burin is a special tungsten carbide graver made for hand engraving, especially intaglio print making.

The material is GRS C-Max, a grade of carbide that has the ability to hold a sharp edge for an incredibly long time. Because this material is a very hard tungsten carbide, it can only be sharpened using a diamond abrasive such as the 5″ Diamond Wheels (#002-055) for Power Hone (#001-525B) — ordinary sharpening stones or grinding wheels will not work on this material.

The burin is made from a 0.125″ (3.17mm) diameter round blank approximately 3″ (75mm) long. On the top front of the burin are two ground reference surfaces forming a 90° square edge. This provides a clamping surface for resharpening using most GRS sharpening fixtures.

Behind the 35° front graver face is a relief face sharpened at 15°. The burin sides are thinned by grinding a 2.5° relief surface on both sides approximately 0.6″ (15mm) long.

The GRS adjustable graver handle allows you to set the desired burin length. Loosen the two set screws, slide the burin in/out of the handle to the length desired, and then tighten the set screws.

Face Angle: 35°

Heel construction: 2 flat ground surfaces approximately 0.25″ (6mm) long at 12° elevation angle forming a 100° included V-point. This creates a slightly wider point than a traditional square graver.

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