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GRS® Magnum AT Handpiece



Product Description

The Magnum exceeds previous models that are twice the length, all while providing an excellent range of power. It also has fine control with shading capability significantly better than any handpiece with this much top-end power.

The Palm Cap creates a simple interface between you and your pneumatic engraving system. With the Touch Element, you no longer depend on a foot control. Now you can have precise actuation that feels more natural.

Instead of using a foot pedal, pressure is applied to the Palm Cap located on the back side of the handpiece to activate. Includes 3 EasyAT Palm Caps(Light, Medium, and Heavy) for increased handpiece responsiveness.

• Engineered for a full range of power
• Ergonomic knob shape provides comfort
• Best for heavy techniques

Additional Information

Weight 0.75 lbs
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