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GRS® Positioning Vise



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Product Description

Similar to the MagnaBlock, the Positioning Vise from GRS has one very unique difference: a positionable center of rotation. While working under a microscope, this is an important function that allows the workpiece to remain centered in the field of view. This detail saves time while working. As the largest vise made by GRS, the extra weight and a larger base provides the most stability and adjustability available.

Includes upper jaw plates, 5 pins, base, 1 plastic hex key, and wrench.

• Positionable center of rotation allows maximum flexibility and accuracy while working, especially under a microscope
• Machined from solid stainless steel for durability and longevity
• Satin finish and black jaws reduce glare and eye strain for increased comfort and productivity
• As the largest vise made by GRS, this vise provides the most stability and adjustability available

Additional Information

Weight 42 lbs
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