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GRS® Western Bright Cut Engraving (DVD)



Product Description

Get ready for nearly five hours of bright cutting with Diane Scalese! This master engraver provides an overview of the basic techniques for Western bright cut engraving. The two-disc DVD set covers: Introduction / Bench Setup, Wriggling, Bright Cut, Western Scroll, Traditional Western Flowers, Alternative Flowers, Connecting Scrolls, Cut Rope Borders, Design Deliberations, and Finishing. The disc also includes printable practice designs accessible by a computer equipped with a CD-ROM drive.

For those who have completed a 5-day course with Diane at the GRS Training Center, this video reviews principles covered in class to put those skills into practice. New engravers seeking a close-up look at how Western bright cut techniques are done will find a wealth of information here. Two-disc set. 4.5 hours.

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