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Mark X Delux Zoom Microscope



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Product Description

Delivers 7X to 45X continuous magnification with zoom magnification. An extra wide field of view of 24 mm at 10X with clear and sharp images for detecting inclusions. Its optic head is fully rotating 360 degrees. Its darkfield attachment includes an adjustable iris diaphragm. This microscope features a superb set of illumination options including a bright, 24 watt overhead halogen bulb and an attached near daylight fluorescent lighting fixture and a transmitted light. All three can be operated together or seperately. Comes complete with eyeguards, dust cover, and gem clip.

* 10X to 45X magnification with Zoom. Goes up to 90X with optional 20X eyepieces
* Darkfield/Brightfield illumination with adjustable iris diaphragm
* Stoneholder
* 3 way illumination: transmitted and overhead plus independent fluorescent light
* Field of view 24 mm at 10X, 7 mm at 45X

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
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