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Premium CZ Master size Set Pro 0.1Carat to 3 Carat size.


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Product Description

This CZ Master size set is ideal for showing the actual stone size mm and Carat to your costumer.

3.0mm/01 ct.
3.8mm/ 0.2ct
4.34mm /.03ct.
4.78mm / 0.4ct.
5.15mm / 0.5ct.
5.47mm / 0.6ct.
5.76mm / 0.7ct.
6.02mm/ 0.8ct.
6.27mm/ 0.9ct.
6.49mm/ 1.0ct.
7.43mm/ 1.5ct.
8.81mm/ 2.5ct.
9.36mm/ 3.0ct

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