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Product Description

SmartPro Gem Eye 1

A remarkably designed gemstone tester with a colour estimator display for smoothly and seamlessly testing your precious stones and diamonds.

The SmartPro Gem-Eye I was developed to distinguish between diamonds and its other simulants using the principles of thermal conductivity.

  • Identifies metals, simulants & diamonds instantly via LED indicator along the top
  • Will help the jeweller identify: Diamond, sapphire, emerald, jadeite, ruby, topaz, spinel & glass via a thermal conductivity reader
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Retractable thermoelectric probe tip that ensures constant pressure between probe tip and gemstone
  • Industry’s thinnest probe tip (Ø0.48mm) for testing diamonds as small as 1mm (0.01ct)
  • LED indicator
  • Metal alert LEDs with buzzer sound to ensure that probe tip is in contact with gemstone during testing
  • Easy-to-read analogue panel display
  • No waiting time between tests
  • Built-in diamond and simulant test discs for reference
  • Enhanced accuracy and consistency
  • Enhanced functionality and usability
  • Clear and readable analogue panel display for ease of reading measurements
  • Portable tester that can be used anywhere
  • Battery or mains operated


  • SmartPro Gem Eye 1
  • Probe Pen
  • Protective carrying case
  • AC adapter
  • Probe tip oxidation sheet (for cleaning the tip)

Additional Information

Weight .4 lbs
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