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Sunshine® Cloth Counter Display with 50 Tubes



Product Description

It’s easy to make Sunshine® Cloth the perfect impulse purchase for customers with this eye-catching dispenser/display unit. The display comes with 50 full-size Sunshine Cloths (7-1/2″ x 5″), each rolled neatly into a clear plastic tube (5-1/4″L x 1″ dia.) that fits into the display. The upright, clear acrylic display takes up little space on your countertop. Keep it by your register, fully stocked, and offer your customers the opportunity to take a cloth home and keep their jewelry sparkling.

Soft, effective Sunshine® Cloth, with its special micro-abrasive, cleans jewelry brilliantly! Made exclusively for Rio Grande, this cloth safely cleans, removes tarnish and polishes gold, silver, brass, copper and other metals, glass, mirrors, wood and more, leaving a deep, long-lasting luster. At the bench, in your store or in your customers’ homes, Sunshine Cloths are the perfect accessory to brighten everything!

Replacement displays and refill tubes are available.




  • Brand : Sunshine Cloth
  • Dimensions : 5-3/4″W X 8-1/8″D x 11″H
  • Country of origin : Japan

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
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