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Watch Bracelet Link-Pin Removing Plier



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Product Description


These easy-to-use pliers make quick work of removing link pins from bracelet-style watch bands. The pliers are adjustable by using the set screw; the pusher includes two pins, 0.8 and 1.0mm dia., to accommodate a wide variety of pin lengths. A storage ring at the end of one handle lets you hang this tool off the end of your bench or work surface to be readily available when needed. The pusher pin is made of hardened tool steel, and will not be nicked or misshapen with normal use. Clean with Cosmoline® or a similar protectant; avoid contact with moisture.
• A coil spring, made of a simple coil of wire tempered to hold its hardness, springs back to its original shape after being compressed.
• The handles are designed to be easy on the hand and provide a secure grip—one handle is coated with a cushioned grip, and the other has a textured surface.

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