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Laser engraving machine Magic L3-60W with integrated camera and auto focus



Product information "Laser Engraving Machine Magic L3-60W with integrated camera and auto focus"

The L3 laser engraving machine was specially developed for jewelers. The main goal in developing the L3 was to make laser jewelry processing easy, quick and convenient for everyone. Thanks to the automation functions, the simplicity of the software and the high performance, this has become possible.

Versatile in use

The Magic L3-60W can process many materials commonly used in the jewelry industry, including gold, silver, aluminum, brass and stainless steel. The machine can transfer various engraving techniques and effects such as hatching, contour or blackening.

Other properties

  • Positioning of the workpieces via an integrated camera with auto focus (supports, among other things, the design of elements)

  • Automatic focus for the laser for the internal and external engraving of rings

  • Quiet work thanks to the adaptable cooling system

  • Load n 'Go Docking Station for the clamping devices

  • Easily switch between machining flat workpieces and rings

  • The rotary clamping device is simply pushed to the left when needed. This function ensures shorter set-up times.

  • Bulk processing with various marking and cutting options in combination

  • Bulk processing also on materials with multi-level heights

  • Repeat button for repeating the same processes

  • Attractive design that allows it to be placed in the customer's field of vision

Areas of application

  • Deep engravings

  • Inside and outside of rings and bangles

  • Names, initials, patterns, barcodes and QR codes

  • Fingerprints, logos and photos

  • Flat or cylindrical workpieces

Simple and intuitive handling

The MagicArt 7 engraving software can work with vector graphics in the file formats DXF, PLT, SVG and DGN as well as with photos in the formats JPEG, PNG and BMP. The software is easy to operate via the graphic user interface on the PC and offers various functions for formatting texts, graphics and images. The software can, for example, automatically generate consecutive numbers when engraving serial numbers.

Safe and comfortable

The chamber of the Magic L3-60W is provided with a cover that closes automatically before the laser starts and opens again when it is finished. This not only ensures occupational safety, but also reduces the distribution of material particles that can occur during engraving. The suction set N ° 311427 can be connected to the rear of the device to extract the particles.

The generous laser chamber of the Magic L3-60W enables the processing of workpieces with a size of up to 350 x 100 x 170 mm (W x H x D). The clamping device N ° 311453 is required for circular engravings. The engraving takes place at a speed of 4000 mm / s.

Thanks to the adaptive cooling system, the machine is very quiet, space-saving and durable. There are only low maintenance and repair costs.

Even more performance

The L3-60W and L3-100W are equipped with an even more powerful laser source. This high performance and the fine-tuning of the performance make it possible to cut even faster and engrave deeper.

scope of delivery

  • Laser engraving machine Magic L3-60W

  • MagicArt 7 software

Please note the country-specific regulations for handling artificial optical radiation.

  • Dimensions (H x W x D) : 556.0 x 404.0 x 590.0 mm

  • Color : light gray

  • Suitable for : aluminum , stainless steel , gold , brass , silver

  • Weight (kg) : 0

  • Power : 100 W

  • Material : stainless steel

  • Power : 100 - 240 V.

  • Product area : Devices & machines

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Laser engraving machine Magic L3-60W with integrated camera and auto focus

Laser engraving machine Magic L3-60W with integrated camera and auto focus


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