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RMGO! Deluxe - Rhodium + Gold Plating kit



One button technology • No heat
With the new RMGO!, jewelry can be electrocleaned and gold or rhodium plated. Pre-installed times and voltages allow an exact deposition of the metal. You can choose from 15, 30, or 60 seconds of plating. There is an automatic power shut-off after the elapsed time. This assures a perfect coating as no precious metal is wasted. Made in Germany. Voltage: 110V or 240V, 60Hz. Plating solutions sold separately.

A deposition time of 36 seconds instead of 30 costs you 20% more of your expensive rhodium! Realize a cost saving of 0.2g rhodium for 1000 rings if you exactly plate for 30 seconds.

    • Absolutely safe process as the voltage needs not to be set – easy handling by only one GO! button.

    • Errors are avoided as no voltage needs to be set

    • More than 1000 rings with 1 liter Rhodium solution JE88 and an ultra brilliant white shining surface

    • Select your own appropriate cold bath solutions

    • Return on invested capital within three months, depending on your output!

It's Easy as 1, 2, Go!

    1. Choose Time (15, 30, 60 seconds)

    1. Set your pieces in your beakers for degreasing and plating

    1. Push Go!

RMGO! Kit Deluxe
Rectifier 1
600ml Beaker/Cover 3
1000ml Beaker/Cover 3
Red Lead Wires 3
Black Lead Wire 1
Black Clip 1
4 Hook Holder 1
Mixed-oxide Anode 1
SS Anode 2
Electrocleaning Powder 1

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RMGO! Deluxe  - Rhodium + Gold Plating kit

RMGO! Deluxe - Rhodium + Gold Plating kit


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