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Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Ring Rack with 16 Hooks



This Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Ring Rack is an essential tool for safely and effectively cleaning jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner. It's specifically designed to hold rings, bracelets, and other pieces during the cleaning process, ensuring they are fully submerged yet easy to retrieve.

Key Features:

  1. Capacity: Equipped with 16 rungs, capable of holding up to 16 rings at a time.
  2. Safe for Jewelry: Allows for suspending jewelry in ultrasonic solutions without risking damage to the metal or soft stones.
  3. Easy Retrieval: Designed for easy removal of each jewelry piece after soaking.
  4. Material: Made with heavy PVC coating, ensuring durability and protection against the ultrasonic environment.
  5. Compatibility: Fits various sizes of ultrasonic units, including up to 1 or 2 quarts lengthwise and 3, 6, and 10 quarts crosswise.
  6. Dimensions: Measures 5-1/2" long x 4-3/4" wide x 1 3/8" deep, with a length from arm to arm of 9".

This rack is a great addition to the jewelry cleaning supplies of both professional jewelers and individuals who regularly clean their jewelry at home. Its design ensures that jewelry is cleaned thoroughly while being protected from potential damage during the ultrasonic cleaning process.

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    Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Ring Rack with 16 Hooks

    Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Ring Rack with 16 Hooks


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