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AIR 42 Plate Sieve Set


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The AIR 42 Plate Sieve Set is designed to meet the needs of jewelers and craftsmen. With its lightweight titanium finish and smoothened plates, this sieve set combines both functionality and style.

Key Features:

  • Up to 3 times more holes than regular sieves: The AIR 42 Plate Sieve Set features a unique design with an increased number of holes, allowing for faster and more efficient sieving.
  • Very high accuracy: This sieve set guarantees precise and accurate results, ensuring that every particle is properly sorted and separated.
  • CNC technology: Utilizing advanced CNC technology, the AIR 42 Plate Sieve Set is crafted to perfection with precise measurements and smooth edges.
  • 42 plates: With a total of 42 plates, this sieve set offers a wide range of sieve sizes, providing versatility for various applications.


  • Faster, accurate sieving: The AIR 42 Plate Sieve Set enables you to achieve faster and more precise sieving, saving you time and effort in your jewelry and craft projects.

Upgrade your sieving experience with the AIR 42 Plate Sieve Set. Its innovative design, high accuracy, and multiple plates ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Whether you're a professional jeweler or a DIY enthusiast, this sieve set is a perfect addition to your toolkit. Order now and elevate your sieving capabilities to new heights.

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AIR 42 Plate Sieve Set

AIR 42 Plate Sieve Set


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