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Best Built 130mm Combo Rolling Mill


Regular price   $1,495.00 Sale price   $1,095.00 Save 26%

The Best Built 130mm Combo Rolling Mill is a top-tier tool for jewelers and metalworkers, reflecting the renowned quality of Korean manufacturing, especially known for its world-class steel. This rolling mill combines durability, efficiency, and design excellence, offering a level of smoothness and reliability on par with more expensive European models, but at a more accessible price point.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Steel: Made with premium Korean steel, known for its exceptional quality and durability.
  2. Sturdy Design: Features a sleek yet robust construction, ensuring long-term reliability and performance under rigorous use.
  3. Smooth Operation: Delivers the same smooth rolling experience as higher-priced models, making metalworking tasks easier and more precise.
  4. Wire Capacity: Capable of handling wire sizes from 8mm down to 1mm, offering versatility for various projects.
  5. Gear Ratio: Equipped with a 4:1 gear ratio, facilitating easier manipulation of metals with less effort.
  6. Sheet Capacity: Accommodates sheet metal up to 6mm thick, allowing for the processing of a wide range of materials.
  7. Width of Flat: Provides a 77mm wide flat rolling area, ideal for creating sheets and various flat metal forms.
  8. Competitive Price: Offers world-class quality and performance at a price that is competitive and accessible to a wide range of users.

Whether for professional jewelry making, metalworking, or crafting applications, the Best Built 130mm Combo Rolling Mill stands out as an excellent investment, combining world-class manufacturing standards with affordability and performance.

Best Built 130mm Combo Rolling Mill

Best Built 130mm Combo Rolling Mill

Regular price   $1,495.00 Sale price   $1,095.00

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