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Best Built 90mm Combo Rolling Mill


Regular price   $995.00 Sale price   $795.00 Save 20%

The Best Built 90mm Combo Rolling Mill is a testament to superior engineering and craftsmanship, hailing from Korea—a country renowned for its world-class steel. This rolling mill combines high-quality materials and construction with a sleek, durable design, offering functionality that rivals higher-priced European models.

Key Features:

  1. Korean-Manufactured Steel: Utilizes top-tier Korean steel known for its quality and durability, ensuring the rolling mill's longevity and performance.
  2. Sleek and Sturdy Design: The design is both aesthetically pleasing and robust, capable of withstanding the rigors of regular use.
  3. Smooth Operation: Engineered for the same level of smoothness and reliability as more expensive models, providing a seamless rolling experience.
  4. Wire Capacity: Accommodates wire sizes ranging from 5mm to 1mm, offering versatility for various jewelry-making needs.
  5. Efficient Gear Ratio: A 4:1 gear ratio enhances ease of use, reducing the effort needed to roll metal sheets or wires.
  6. Sheet Capacity: Can handle metal sheets up to 6mm in thickness, suitable for a broad range of projects.
  7. Flat Width Capability: Offers a width of flat rolling area of 61.5 mm, ideal for creating wider sheets or pieces.
  8. Competitive Pricing: Despite its high quality and world-class manufacturing, this rolling mill is priced competitively, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

The Best Built 90mm Combo Rolling Mill is a world-class tool designed for jewelers, metalworkers, and artisans who require precision and durability without the high cost. Its combination of quality, design, and competitive pricing makes it an invaluable addition to any crafting or jewelry-making setup.

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Best Built 90mm Combo Rolling Mill

Best Built 90mm Combo Rolling Mill

Regular price   $995.00 Sale price   $795.00

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