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Best Built® BB20 Computerized Flat Engraver


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BB20 is a metal printer engraving indelible letters or patterns in jewelry & metal materials such as gold, silver, coper, stainless steel with diamond tool. Its noiseless, compact size and neat design enable anyone to use it anywhere and its simple instructions make anyone capable of engraving things quick, easy and beautifully.

Please note:The unit will be in our (Best Built)Dark Gray color...


▷ It’s used for engraving in every metal material such as gold, silver, copper, stainless etc.
▷ Engraving by diamond tool leaves glossy mark on the engraved surface.
▷ The depth of engraving is sufficient enough to be indelible.
▷ The material of engraving never to be discolored.
▷ It engraves on a curved surface.
▷ Engraving at less than a minute -ultrahigh speed.
▷ It’s almost noiseless engraving machine.
▷ It engraves symbols, patterns, and all sort of marks.
▷ Its 4 sensors automatically measure the material prior to engraving.
▷ Its laser pointer points to the area of engraving for easy and errorless engraving.
▷ It has minimized consumable parts.
▷ It fastens many types of material with one clamp without changing it.
▷ It’s given with S/W for easy use.
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Best Built® BB20 Computerized Flat Engraver

Best Built® BB20 Computerized Flat Engraver


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