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Firescoff Rh 125Ml-Solder Flux


Regular price   $46.00 Sale price   $35.00 Save 23%

Firescoff¬ô is a revolutionary heat activated ceramic spray coating.
Firescoff¬ô provides an all-in-one scale preventer, high performance non-fluorinated flux, for both hard and soft solder, and the convenience of easy removal in warm water. Jewelry and gemstones evenly coated with Firescoff¬ô are protected from scaling.
Firescoff¬ô transforms from a clear liquid mist to a protective ceramic anti-oxidation barrier with built-in flux. The Firescoff¬ô coating can be removed by simply rinsing jewelry in warm water or placing jewelry briefly in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Firescoff Rh 125Ml-Solder Flux

Firescoff Rh 125Ml-Solder Flux

Regular price   $46.00 Sale price   $35.00

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