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GEM-ZOOM™ LightBox


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LED Digital Imaging  Lighting Box for studio photography

Shining Point:
1.A metal cabinet, Square design to increase the larger space , L-bracket shooting, the front door can be top-mounted or installed.
2, Digital dimming, full LED light source, the service life of over 50,000 hours, and support for mobile shooting.
3, built-in 5 groups fixed light source model, random switching, corresponding to differentshooting needs.
4,1 Group build-in dimming mode, with 3 sides independent dimming, auto-dimming datastorage, power and memory.
5, the top of the white LED spotlight designed for diamonds, crystal and other products shooting.
6, built-in red, green, and blue color creative spotlights.

Usage Intructions:

1.Put one end of the power adapter in to the electric supply (AC100-240V),the other end into DCIN power hole by the right side of the box.
2.Press On/off Button to turn on the power ,choose No.2-6 button to access to the built-in procedure shooting mode,then you can prepare to shoot .
3.Press button 1 to acess to dimming mode,press +--button to adjust brightness,indicator light of the LED keypad indicates the position of the adjusted light ,press circulated control button to switch to the next LED to keep adjusting light .The circulated button can be switched repeatedly zmong the three main light source.
4.The buttono of the LED white can be used to photograph jewelry,reflective diamond and can be turned on /off in any mode.
5.The R,G and B buttons respectively control the red ,Green and Blue lights in the box which are used for creative shooting.
6.When you shoot ,choose the most suitable mode according to the needed effect.

GEM-ZOOM™ LightBox

GEM-ZOOM™ LightBox

Regular price   $695.00 Sale price   $495.00

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