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Gemax Pro-II 5" Screen Digital Microscope


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The Gemax Pro-II is a significantly improved digital microscope, perfect for gemology beginners and professionals. Its enhanced features and accessories make it ideal for detailed observation of jewelry and gemstones.

Display and Magnification Features:

  1. 5" IPS LCD Display (960x540): Offers a large, clear view.
  2. Magnification Ratio: Ranges from 10X to 300X digitally, suitable for detailed analysis.
  3. Focus Range: Manual adjustment from 5mm to 70mm.

Imaging and Video Capabilities:

  1. Picture Resolution: Offers multiple settings - 12m, 10m, 8m, 5m, 3m, 2m.
  2. Video Resolution: High-quality recording in 1080P and 720P.
  3. Camera Function: Features a 'Camera' button for instant high-resolution image capture.

Connectivity and Power:

  1. External Outputs: Includes HDMI, TV, and computer connectivity.
  2. Power Options: Operated by a built-in rechargeable battery or power adapter.

Software and Compatibility:

  1. Software for Windows: Gemax Portable Capture Pro-II, available for download here.
  2. Software for Mac: Gemax Portable Capture Pro-II, available for download here.
  3. Certificates: CE, FCC approval, and RoHS compliance.

Unique Features and Accessories:

  1. Adjustable Lighting: Top and bottom diffused lights with control wheel.
  2. C-Clamp and R-Clamp: For reading laser inscriptions on loose diamonds, rings, and earrings.
  3. Microscope Tweezer: Wired tweezer for inspecting loose diamonds and gems.
  4. Assorting Tray: Acrylic tray with multi-size grooves for color matching.
  5. H&A Viewer: To analyze Hearts & Arrow cuts in diamonds.
  6. Ring Clips and Background Color Paper Set: For hands-free inspection and varied background options.
  7. Gooseneck LED Light: Additional USB light source for enhanced brightness.

Product Specifications:

  1. Size: 165(L)x158(W)x267(H) mm.
  2. Weight: 960 g.

This microscope is especially adept at capturing full images of rings, earrings, and smaller jewelry items, as well as providing an insightful experience for gemology enthusiasts.

Gemax Pro-II 5" Screen Digital Microscope

Gemax Pro-II 5" Screen Digital Microscope

Regular price   $389.00 Sale price   $349.00

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