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GemOro® PLATINUM PCT251, 250CT X 0.005CT


Regular price   $129.95 Sale price   $99.95 Save 23%

The GemOro Platinum PCT251 prioritizes ease of use to ensure a smooth weighing process. The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make the instrument easy to use, allowing you to focus on weighing your gemstones without distractions.

The GemOro Platinum PCT251 is made of high quality materials and is built to last. The sturdy construction ensures that the scales will perform consistently for a long time, making it a reliable companion in your gemstone weighing endeavors.

These ultra-precise karat scales are accurate to 0.005 carats and are rated for 100 and 250 carats! A convenient and easy-to-use 4-button control panel controls all functions of the scale.

Innovative low-profile hinged shield easily slides out for weighing large stones or parcels.

The rubberized compact carrying case protects the scale during transportation and contains the scale, calibration weight, Swiss-type diamond tweezers, diamond scoop, stainless steel weighing platform and 100-240V universal AC adapter.

Buy the GemOro Platinum PCT251 today and see how your gem weighing experience will change. Accuracy, reliability and efficiency await you. Upgrade your gem weighing experience now!

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GemOro® PLATINUM PCT251, 250CT X 0.005CT

GemOro® PLATINUM PCT251, 250CT X 0.005CT

Regular price   $129.95 Sale price   $99.95

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