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GK Smart Bench By IKOHE


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The GK Smart Bench merges innovation with traditional craftsmanship, presenting a workbench that stands as an essential addition to any workspace or studio. Crafted from sturdy hardwood and reinforced with a steel plate, this bench is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use while offering a range of features aimed at enhancing productivity and comfort.

Key Features:

  • Construction: Durable hardwood combined with a steel plate for a robust and long-lasting work surface.
  • Armrests and Storage: Two pull-out armrests connected to drawers offer adjustable comfort and additional storage space.
  • Bench Pin: Includes a wooden bench pin that mounts to the top, facilitating detailed work.
  • Steel Surface: A built-in 5" x 3" steel surface acts as a bench block for hammering and other tasks.
  • Drawers: Features two spacious drawers; one padded for tool protection and the other with a dust collection hole and brush.
  • Voltage Accommodation: Equipped to handle 110V, suitable for bench attachments like flex shaft machines.
  • Connectivity: Offers 3 sockets, 2 USB receptacles, and a DC receptacle for various power needs.

Additional Features & Specifications:

  • Assembly Required: Shipped in boxes on a pallet, with some assembly required.
  • Dimensions: Stands at 36-1/2" tall with a 35" wide x 23" deep top work surface.
  • Storage Accessories: Square pegs on the side for holding storage accessories (sold separately).
  • Design: Incorporates a peg-board design on sides and back for additional organization options.

Ideal for jewelers looking for a workbench that blends functionality with modern needs, the GK Smart Bench by IKOHE offers a comprehensive solution with its advanced features and robust design.

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GK Smart Bench By IKOHE

GK Smart Bench By IKOHE

Regular price   $1,150.00 Sale price   $995.00

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