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GROBET USA®5-inch HD Microscope


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The GROBET USA® 5-Inch LCD Digital Desktop Microscope is a full HD microscope designed for enhanced viewing, measuring, and recording of gemstones, jewelry, and other detailed objects.

Key Features:

  1. Magnification Ratio: Offers a range from 10X to 300X, extendable up to 1200X digitally, providing versatile viewing options.

  2. Photo Resolution Options: Includes multiple settings – 14M, 12M, 10M, 8M, and 5M – for high-quality image capture.

  3. Video Resolution: Supports 1080P and 720P for clear and detailed video recording.

  4. Manual Focus Range: 5mm to 70mm, allowing for precise focus adjustments.

  5. Storage: Utilizes Micro SD card for image and video storage (card not included).

  6. Output Options: Features HDMI and TV output for easy sharing of images in full HD.

  7. Multilingual OSD: On-Screen Display (OSD) languages include English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.

  8. Product Dimensions: Measures 165 x 158 x 267 mm, fitting comfortably on desktops.

  9. Weight: Weighs 660g, making it a lightweight yet stable tool.

  10. Quality Components: Equipped with a top-quality image sensor and glass microscopic lens for superior image quality.

This microscope is ideal for professionals in gemology and jewelry who need a reliable, high-definition microscope for detailed examination and recording.

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GROBET USA®5-inch HD  Microscope

GROBET USA®5-inch HD Microscope

Regular price   $349.00 Sale price   $249.00

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