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IKOHE Pen Type Sand Blaster


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The Ikohe Sandblaster, formerly branded as the Wolf Sandblaster, remains unchanged from when it was first introduced. Designed by Ikohe and manufactured in Taiwan, this compact table top sandblaster is just the right size for jewelry work. Unlike cheap sandblasters, the tight fitting container of the Ikohe sand blaster will keep the media where you want it-not floating around your shop!

The Ikohe sandblaster features two separate filters: an input air filter to eliminate moisture which can cause your media to clump, and an output dust filter to keep hazardous dust from your workspace. The hinged lid has a form fitting gasket to prevent leakage while inside you’ll find a metal grate to help keep your pieces falling into the abrasive well. To keep the lid from marring, the Ikohe Sandblaster comes with several sheets of a special Mylar clear film, made by 3M that can be replaced as needed. Two gloves make it easier to hold the pieces you are blasting. The nozzle pivots to adjust for the dimensions of the piece you are working on. The on/off switch is located inside the cabinet. It has a quick change nozzle to make it easy to attach the air hose.

The Ikohe Sandblaster measures 20" across by 17" high and 17" deep. Hook it up to any air compressor, and fill it full of media to start blasting away. Media and air compressors sold separatel.

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IKOHE Pen Type Sand Blaster

IKOHE Pen Type Sand Blaster

Regular price   $795.00 Sale price   $680.00

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