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Mark X Deluxe Zoom Microscope


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The Mark X Deluxe Zoom Microscope is a versatile and powerful tool, delivering high-quality magnification and illumination for detailed gemstone analysis and inclusion detection.

Optical and Magnification Features:

  1. Magnification Range: Offers 10X to 45X magnification with Zoom, extendable up to 90X with optional 20X eyepieces.
  2. Field of View: Provides a wide field of view – 24 mm at 10X and 7 mm at 45X.
  3. 360-Degree Rotating Optic Head: Enhances viewing flexibility and convenience.

Illumination and Viewing Options:

  1. Darkfield/Brightfield Illumination: Includes an adjustable iris diaphragm for precise light control.
  2. Three-Way Illumination: Features transmitted light, an overhead 24-watt halogen bulb, and an independent near daylight fluorescent light, operable together or separately.

Additional Features and Accessories:

  1. Stoneholder: For secure and convenient placement of gemstones.
  2. Eyeguards and Dust Cover: To protect both the user and the microscope.
  3. Gem Clip: Included for additional support in examining gemstones.

This microscope is a must-have for gemologists, offering a comprehensive set of features for an in-depth and accurate gemstone analysis.

Mark X Deluxe Zoom Microscope

Mark X Deluxe Zoom Microscope


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