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Nibur Parcel Paper BLUE/BLUE (XX)


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The Nibur Parcel Paper BLUE/BLUE (XX) by Rubin & Son is a set of high-quality parcel papers, widely recognized in the gem and jewelry industry. These parcel papers are specifically designed for the handling and examination of precious stones.

Key Features:

  1. Durable Construction: Provides long-lasting use, suitable for professional environments.
  2. Specially Designed Paper: Utilizes a lighter paper to achieve the right sensitivity needed for handling precious stones.
  3. Color and Design: Each parcel paper contains 2 blue flutes, offering a consistent and professional look.
  4. Quantity per Box: Packed 100 per box, ensuring ample supply for regular use.
  5. Ideal for Gem Handling: These papers are perfect for securely wrapping, storing, and presenting gemstones.

The Nibur Parcel Paper BLUE/BLUE (XX) is an essential tool for jewelers, gemologists, and anyone who regularly handles precious stones, providing a reliable and professional way to manage and present valuable gems.

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Nibur Parcel Paper BLUE/BLUE (XX)

Nibur Parcel Paper BLUE/BLUE (XX)

Regular price   $59.00 Sale price   $49.00

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