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Ottlite Rechargeable Battery Task Lamp


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White Rechargeable Battery Task Lamp by OttLite

A Little Light Goes a Long Way!
This rechargeable OttLite® Battery Task Lamp easily moves from place to place so you always have great lighting. OttLite provides a healthier way to see by delivering the right mix of brightness and contrast. You’ll see fine print and details with ease under this unique low heat, low glare illumination that helps reduce eyestrain.

With its small base footprint, the unique fold-up design features a handle and easily fits in tight spaces. Shade opens and extends 180º vertically to illuminate larger areas. The rechargeable battery provides up to 3 hours of battery use or use with the included AC adaptor.

Won’t distort actual colors!
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 3 hours of battery use
  • White
  • AC adaptor/charger included (can use while plugged in)
  • Includes energy efficient 13 watt tube – rated to last up to 10,000 hours

Max Height: 19.00"
Min. Height: 11.50"
Base Diameter: 4.00"

The OttLite difference is in the 508 technology.

When it comes to lighting, brighter isn't always better. Bright light sources reveal vibrant colors but also cause a harsh glare, causing the eye muscles to squint. Other light sources reveal high contrast so that edges of objects appear clear, but the drawback is distorted color. Also, the more intense the light, the more energy is used, generating more heat.

The Solution – OttLite 508 Technology

OttLite offers a unique solution to this problem. OttLite lighting is expertly engineered with 508 technology to bring the quality of High Definition Natural Lighting™ indoors, providing the ideal balance of brightness and contrast. The result is reduced glare, less eyestrain, and low heat.

OttLite lighting systems combine this cutting edge technology with features such as articulating shafts, adjustable shades and achromatic coating to supply illumination precisely where you need it.

Compare an OttLite side by side with an ordinary light and the result is extraordinary. See the difference with your eyes…and experience the difference in your ability to work longer, happier and more comfortably.

Here's a few details for anyone who's technically minded:
Power Requirements: 110v, 50 Hz - Plugs into any standard USA power outlet
Wattage: 13 watts
Initial Light Output: 980 lumens
Color Rendering Index: 85
Color Temperature (CCT): 5000 degrees Kelvin
Dimensions: height is 26.5cm closed, up to 48cm when open in full, 8.5cm Wide, 9cm Deep
Weight: ~ 2.5lb (1.1 kg) 
Tube Life: up to 10,000 hours*
Required Tube: OT3052 (included)
Note: Switches on automatically when opened and off when closed.
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Ottlite Rechargeable Battery Task Lamp

Ottlite Rechargeable Battery Task Lamp

Regular price   $119.00 Sale price   $79.00

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