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PLATINUM M100XP, 100G X 0.01G


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The PLATINUM M100XP, with its incredible 100g x 0.01g resolution, offers just that. It's not just another scale; it's a technologically advanced measuring instrument designed for professionals who can't afford the slightest inaccuracy. From lab technicians and jewelers to serious hobbyists, the PLATINUM M100XP provides unparalleled precision in a sleek, modern design.

Key Features:

  • Highly Accurate Measurements: A resolution of 0.01g for up to 100g, ensuring you get incredibly precise readings.
  • Sturdy, Stainless Steel Platform: Durable enough for everyday use, but gentle on the items you're measuring.
  • LCD Display with Backlight: Bright and easy-to-read, making it convenient to use in any lighting condition.
  • Multiple Weighing Units: Measures in grams, carats, ounces, and more, offering the flexibility to suit various tasks.
  • Quick Auto-Calibration: Keeps the scale accurate without the need for complicated calibration procedures.
  • Tare Feature: Easily zero out the weight of containers to measure only what you want.
  • Compact and Portable: The design is both space-efficient and easy to transport, allowing for use almost anywhere.
  • Long Battery Life: Comes equipped with an energy-saving mode to extend battery life for prolonged use.
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Feet: Ensures stability during weighing, providing you with reliable results.
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PLATINUM M100XP, 100G X 0.01G

PLATINUM M100XP, 100G X 0.01G

Regular price   $29.95 Sale price   $19.95

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