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Presidium® Gem Indicator


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The Presidium® Gem Indicator stands out as the only handheld tester tailored for colored gemstones, enhancing the precision of gem identification. This advanced tool revolutionizes gem testing by offering comprehensive analysis capabilities in a portable format.

Key Features:

  • Colored Gemstone Identification: Capable of indicating up to 31 different types of colored gems through thermal conductivity analysis.

  • Color Input Function: Includes a unique feature that allows users to select from 12 common colors, improving the accuracy of gem identification.

  • Optimal Usage Conditions: Recommended for use in environments with ambient temperatures of 23°C - 27°C for best performance.

  • Calibration for Accuracy: Comes with a calibration disk and recommends calibration at the start or when changing environments to ensure consistent accuracy.

Enhanced Features for Professional Use:

  • Versatility in Gem Testing: Distinguishes among a wide array of colored gemstones, making it an essential tool for gemologists and jewelers.

  • Precision and Accuracy: The color input function further refines testing results, making this tool exceptionally reliable.

  • User-Friendly Operation: Designed for convenience, it is easy to calibrate and use, ensuring that professionals can quickly adapt to using it in their evaluations.

  • Portability: Its handheld nature and the need for minimal setup make it an excellent tool for gemstone testing on the go or in different settings.

The Presidium® Gem Indicator is a pivotal addition to the toolkit of any professional dealing with colored gemstones, offering unparalleled accuracy, ease of use, and reliability in gem identification.

Presidium® Gem Indicator

Presidium® Gem Indicator

Regular price   $439.00 Sale price   $309.00

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