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Quatro Stand-Up Polishing Unit


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The most efficient and powerful polishing station on the market, this unit features whisper-quiet technology for the jewelry industry. Captures gold and platinum in two separate air streams in two separate bags, so platinum dust can be kept separate. This Quatro stand-up polishing unit has 1200 CFMs, this unit takes in more air while moving air slower. The motor for this unit spins at about 3600 rpm.

Heavy duty Clear View hood provide maximum work area and dust free working environment.

    • Superior capture/containment using progressive 2-Stage filtration system

    • Capture/contain precious metals in high-capacity. Sealable filter bags for maximum return on refining True HEPA filter, ensures 99.97% efficiency on the capture of precious metal particles

    • 2 LED illuminated Clear View hoods fully enclosed buff areas trapping precious metal dust/compounds inside

    • High pressure, continuous duty, brushless motor for long-term performance

    • Variable speed control

Unit size: 53" H X 39" W X 19" L

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Quatro Stand-Up Polishing Unit

Quatro Stand-Up Polishing Unit


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