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Refractive Index (RI) Liquid 1.81


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The Refractive Index (RI) Liquid 1.81 is a high-quality, certified solution designed specifically for use with all types of refractometers. This specialized liquid enhances the accuracy and reliability of gemological testing by providing a consistent refractive index.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: Ideal for the Refractometer Series m 1.81, ensuring wide applicability.

  • Certification: Certified to guarantee accurate refractive index measurements.

  • Quantity: Supplied in a 10-gram container, offering ample liquid for numerous tests.

Advantages for Professionals:

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Provides precise refractive index measurements essential for gem identification and verification.

  • Versatility: Suitable for use with a broad range of refractometers, making it a versatile addition to any gemologist's toolkit.

  • Ease of Use: Ready-to-use liquid simplifies the preparation process for refractive index testing.

The Refractive Index (RI) Liquid 1.81 is an indispensable resource for gemologists seeking to conduct accurate and reliable refractive index tests on gemstones, enhancing the precision of their gemological assessments.

Refractive Index (RI) Liquid 1.81

Refractive Index (RI) Liquid 1.81


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