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SmartPro Screen I Diamond scanner


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The world's smartest and fastest diamond tester, designed to intelligently test naturally mined Type Ia, Ib colored diamonds (D-J) from lab-created or synthetic Type IIa, IIb / CVD / HPHT fixed and loose colorless diamonds.

Designed to meet the needs of gemologists, jewelry experts and discerning buyers, the SmartPro Diamond Scanner is revolutionizing the way diamonds are authenticated. With its advanced features and intelligent algorithms, this scanner delivers accuracy and reliability like never before.

Key Features:

  • Can Screen earth-mined colorless diamond (Color D to J)
  • Type Ia, Ib from Lab created diamond HPHT / CVD (Type IIa).
  • Can test from 0.01ct up to 12ct.
  • Capable in checking the mounted stones (mounted jewellery with under hole only).
  • New technology LED light source with high efficiency and mercury-free.
  • Smart Touch Test Switch.
  • Laser Target Pointer.
  • Auto Testing Function.
  • No warm up time before testing.
  • Result Indicating by bright LED lights with sounds.
  • Automatic Power OFF (after 5 minutes inactive).
  • Ready LED indicator.
  • Low Battery Indicator.
  • Super battery life saver.
  • Powered by Micro USB or 4 x AAA batteries.

SmartPro Screen I Diamond scanner

SmartPro Screen I Diamond scanner

Regular price   $629.00 Sale price   $525.00

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