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Sparex 2-1/2 Lb Bag,


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Dry granular acid compound specially made for pickling and the cleaning and removing of surface oxidation and scale from copper and silver. Non-flammable and non-explosive.

  • Easy to use, for removing Fire Scale from Gold, Silver, and Copper, after Soldering.

  • Sparex is a non-flammable granular compound, and mixes with water.

  • Mix about 1 Teaspoon of Sparex per 1 cup of water, preferably in a crock pot or our SO584 Hot Pot.

  • Heat to about 180* and it's ready to work. Use Copper Tongs to remove items from the Pot.

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Sparex 2-1/2 Lb Bag,

Sparex 2-1/2 Lb Bag,

Regular price   $15.00 Sale price   $9.00

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