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Ultrasonic Parts Basket



The Ultrasonic Parts Basket is a practical tool designed for use in ultrasonic cleaning. Its user-friendly features and fine mesh construction make it ideal for a variety of cleaning tasks, particularly in settings where precision and efficiency are important.

Key Features:

  1. Convenient Handle: Equipped with a handle for easy removal from the ultrasonic tank, enhancing user convenience and safety.
  2. Hanging Hooks: Comes with up to 16 hooks, allowing for multiple items to be hung and cleaned simultaneously.
  3. Material: The basket is made of plastic, ensuring durability and resistance to ultrasonic cleaning solutions.
  4. Tank Compatibility: Designed to fit a 3-quart tank, making it suitable for a standard ultrasonic cleaning setup.
  5. Mesh Type: Features a fine mesh, perfect for securing small parts and preventing them from falling through during the cleaning process.
  6. Dimensions: The unit measures 3 7/8 inches in height and 4 7/8 inches in diameter, offering ample space for various parts.

This Ultrasonic Parts Basket is an essential accessory for those who utilize ultrasonic cleaning in their workflow, such as jewelers, watchmakers, or dental professionals. Its design ensures efficient cleaning while protecting delicate parts and components.

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Ultrasonic Parts Basket

Ultrasonic Parts Basket


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