Vulcan® single-stage burnout furnace

Technical Data Parameters:Wide Operating Temperature Range 77-2012°F (25-1100°C)Ambient Storage Temperature Range 41-104°F (5+40°C)Programmable Heat Rate 1-54°F/min (1-30°C/min)Programmable Hold Time 0:00-60:00 hrs.Muffle Temperature Uniformity ±15°F (±8°C) at steady stateElectrical 50-60 HzItem...
$1,850.00 $2,100.00
Technical Data Parameters:
Wide Operating Temperature Range 77-2012°F (25-1100°C)
Ambient Storage Temperature Range 41-104°F (5+40°C)
Programmable Heat Rate 1-54°F/min (1-30°C/min)
Programmable Hold Time 0:00-60:00 hrs.
Muffle Temperature Uniformity ±15°F (±8°C) at steady state
Electrical 50-60 Hz
Item # 5355730001 5355730002
100-120 V
Amps 7.7-9.2 A 16 A
Watts 1540-2215 W 1920 W
Watts to Maintain 1832°F (1000°C)
(Air Exchange setting at 0) 1050 1050
Dimensions (L x D x H)
17 x 15.8 x 16" (430 x 400 x 410mm)
Operating Temperature (Ambient)
41-104°F (5-40°C)
• High performance hybrid muffle
• Longer life, more durable than fiber construction
• Faster heating and cooling than full firebrick
• Integrated door safety switch
• Durable stainless steel front panel
• Digital temperature controller (programmable temperature, rate, hold time, alarm, °F/°C operation)