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Zeiss D40 10X Loupe


Regular price   $129.00 Sale price   $99.00 Save 23%

The Zeiss D40 10X Loupe stands out as one of the lightest loupes in the world, renowned for its exceptional optical quality and lightweight design. This precision instrument is a favorite among professionals who require both portability and clarity in their work.

Key Features:

  1. Triplet Achromatic Aplanatic Lens: Ensures crisp, clear images without chromatic or spherical aberrations.
  2. High-Grade Polycarbonate Lenses: Utilizes the best available polycarbonate for lens construction, contributing to its light weight and durability.
  3. Aspherical Lens Design: The precise shaping of the aspherical lens maximizes the field of view and enhances image clarity.
  4. Lightweight Construction: Its design makes it one of the lightest loupes available, ideal for extended use without discomfort.

The Zeiss D40 10X Loupe is perfect for professionals who require a high-quality magnification tool that combines the latest in optical engineering with practical, user-friendly design.

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    Regular price   $129.00 Sale price   $99.00

Zeiss D40 10X Loupe

Zeiss D40 10X Loupe

Regular price   $129.00 Sale price   $99.00

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