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Gemlogis BELIZE Combination Tester


Regular price   $1,249.00 Sale price   $999.00 Save 20% BELIZE is a portable diamond verification instrument
for loose and mounted stones designed to separate natural
diamonds from synthetic diamonds and diamond simulants with
its double probe tip testing method.
The user depresses the probe tip 90 degree perpendicular to
the table of the gemstone to start the testing. The instrument
indicates Simulant if the test specimen is not a moissanite,
diamond or synthetic diamond. Alternatively, it will prompt the
user to ‘perform test II’ when the specimen is a moissanite,
diamond or synthetic diamond.
The instrument makes a measurement and displays one of the

following results:
◊ Simulant
◊ Moissanite

◊ Diamond (Earth-Mined)
◊ Type IIa /HPHT/CVD
◊ Metal
Weight of stones: 0.02 ct+
Size of stones: 1.5 mm+
Colour of stones: D-J
Shape of stones: All
Diamond simulants: Yes
Mounted stones: YES ASSURE Tested
Automated feed: No
Automated results: Yes
Automated dispense: No
Detect or Refer (synthetic diamonds) Detect except Type IIa
Detect or Refer (diamond simulants) Detect
Multiple stones at once: No
Training required: No

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Gemlogis BELIZE Combination Tester

Gemlogis BELIZE Combination Tester

Regular price   $1,249.00 Sale price   $999.00

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