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The Diamond Loupe by KAYA® 10X 22mm



The Diamond Loupe by KAYA® 10X  22mm stands out in the market for its Uniq design,  exceptional clarity and wide field of view, designed to provide jewelers and gemologists with a superior tool for examining gemstones and jewelry in detail.

Key Features:

  1. Wide Field of View: The 22.00mm diameter lens offers a broader field of view than most loupes, facilitating easy examination of entire stones.
  2. Exceptional Clarity: Provides a sharp, clear, and distortion-free view, essential for detailed inspection.
  3. High-Quality Optics: The 10X triplet lens ensures images are exceptionally sharp, aiding in accurate assessments. 
  4. Customer Favorite: Renowned for its quality and reliability, the Kaya® loupe has been a preferred choice for years.

Additional Information:

  • Made in Japan Lens: Signifying high standards of craftsmanship and quality.

The KAYA® 10X Jeweler's Loupe is an indispensable tool for professionals in the jewelry industry who demand precision, clarity, and quality in their work.

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The Diamond Loupe by KAYA® 10X  22mm

The Diamond Loupe by KAYA® 10X 22mm


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