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Gemlogis Mantis 3-in-1 Multi Tester



The latest technology in gemstone testing is found in the Gemlogis Mantis. Mantis offers quick and accurate testing of loose or mounted stones, regardless of shape or rough cut (as small as 0.02ct). The improved probe tip provides reliable results by initially measuring heat, then electrical conductivity. Mantis also has an infrared transmitter for use with the Gemlogis Bleu, a referential meter which can further identify gemstone type. The Mantis features"Visible Violet Light" technology for enhanced accuracy and easy read LED display. Package includes the tester, battery charger, loose stone holder and nylon lanyard.

  • 3 in 1 tester to distinguish between diamond, moissanite, and simulants

  • Ready to use in seconds and no waiting between tests

  • Hi-Tech infrared innovation

  • Switch to left or right hand use

  • One year warranty

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Gemlogis Mantis 3-in-1 Multi Tester

Gemlogis Mantis 3-in-1 Multi Tester


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